A Shade of Reality
November 2005
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Friend's Only

Banner Credit to mervin_graphics

Comment Here to be Added

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Psh. Like I even have to ask. hehehe.

mistress_britt: Pink Lips
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pshhh you never would have to.

I just really liked the banner and wanted to use it.

I would have sex with five of those people on that banner.

Hey, Love!

mistress_britt: Revenge
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hey babes....you can ignore the banner...I thought it was pretty and I posted it.

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that banner just got me hellaexcited. YESH!

mistress_britt: Roger/Mimi Kiss
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mistress_britt: See Me Fall
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Yes it is! :D

comment. *giggle*

mistress_britt: We are different
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like I would ever get rid of you.

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I could have sworn I added you once before. Maybe it's cuz I see you everywhere. Add me, babe?
Love the layout.

mistress_britt: An Eternal Flame
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Of course I'll add you!

Thanks....it took me forever to get the colors right.

Pssst remember me? Tis Michelle

mistress_britt: They're all so arty
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heyyy hon!

Wanna be friends?


mistress_britt: Lucky Star
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of course! :D

I love being friends with fellow RENTheads

hey! :o) was hanging out on the rent movie comm. & read that you wrote a angelina jolie-rosario dawson fic - o.m.g. WHERE can I read that? haha. <3bec

mistress_britt: Scarlett Joahansson/White
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haha that is so awesome that you heard that!!!

Here's the link http://www.livejournal.com/users/cryingxxblood/9643.html


Hey bebe, it's mccrackenway, I made a new journal. Could you add me back again please?

mistress_britt: I've had the time of my life
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Re: Poookkiee


of course I'll add you! :D

Hi Britt,
Do you mind if I add you? You look like someone I may have some things in common with. I'm looking for like minded people to become friends with online. Check out my user info to find out a little about me. Thanks & have a great day!

Add me? You rock. I think we'd get along very well!

mistress_britt: *Giggle*/Bobby Mercer
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You've so been added!

Add me

Add me?

mistress_britt: Cute Gay Boy Designers Rock My Socks
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Re: Add me

You've been added!

Oh man, Project Runway slash, hot icons AND Rent?

You rule.

mistress_britt: BFF/Nick V and Danny V
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Why thank you!

You have been added!

Hey this is the old keithurbandswife. My old accounts all messed up so i would really appreciate it if you added my new journal. thanks =D

mistress_britt: Hunger/Claudia
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you shall be added!

mistress_britt: Dwight and Gail/OTP
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I shall add you!

I still love that you gave Bert the diapers.

Hi! I read your Chenzel fic "Satin Sheets" and really enjoyed it. Also it looks like we have some things in common (like an icon of a certain "Sin City" kiss ;D) and you sound like a rather fascinating person.

Might I be added please?

mistress_britt: Hugh and Allison/Father and Daughter
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Awww thank you!

Of course you shall be added!

We stick up for each other; friend me? Thanks for that, by the way. I didn't even want to *begin* dealing with that... I just deleted the post. =(

mistress_britt: Lick
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Of course, I'll friend you. Was that you who added me on Myspace as well? Aww honey, I wish you hadn't, they win when they do that. Man people I don't even know are bitching about me in their journals because they have nothing better to do with their lives.

Will you friend your fan-girl?

mistress_britt: Knife Play
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of course, you're added.

hey, i've read some of ur fic. it's cool. Add me?? ;)

Heya, I saw what you said to those guys on _rentfic and honestly you voiced the exact things that I was thinking. I mean, I feel really bad for the poor girl that pretty much got her ass kicked there just for posting something intended to be a joke.

Hell, even if it wasn't meant to be a joke...She's obviously very young and just getting her feet wet in the whole Rent-slash-fandom thing and in my opinion people really overreacted.

I really admire you for like, stepping in and defending her. Can I add you?

- Renée

mistress_britt: Regina Spektor
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Wow thank you so much! Of course you can add me! I'll add you back! :)

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Hey, a comment to be added, I'm Johnny.

I don't know how old this is...I'm Johnny, and I love your writting on MCS. :) Obviously, you can find your way to my LJ and my myspace is http://www.myspace.com/do_you_jive

Err, thank you! :D Have a good day.


mistress_britt: Secretary/Assume the Position
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Re: Hey, a comment to be added, I'm Johnny.

Hi, I'll add you. I haven't written on MCS for the looongest time, but my journal is still very much active.


Hi there! Author, yesterday I just thought about it too :) .
And really nice diz, interesting site name mistress-britt.livejournal.com :), I see you you're are not newbe. Go on with the astonishing job!

noticed that we have a lot of interests in common, add me if you want. Your userinfo page kicks ass.

I'm sorry you left C_L. I really love your fics, and hope you'll continue writing them. :(

mistress_britt: Kink or vanilla?
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Thank you and well...we'll see.

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